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Club Meeting Minutes from November 17, 2016 Meeting

The November 17, 2016 meeting of the Northwest Montana Nature Photographers was called to order by Vice President, Doug Dye at 7PM at The Summit in Kalispell, MT. The first order of business was to announce to the club that President Jerry Hutchinson had resigned for personal reasons. As Vice President, Doug will be acting president until the position is filled. Doug also announced that the club will have a new meeting place starting with the January, 2017, meeting. We will be at the Gateway West Mall in the United Way meeting room in the Gateway Community Center. All people on the NWMNP mailing list will receive an e-mail announcing the new room with a map. Please note: THE DECEMBER MEETING WILL BE HELD AT THE SUMMIT. The discussion turned to the NWMNP t-shirt. There were 3 colors available (tan, olive, forest green), and the attendees voted for the forest green color. The t-shirts come in sizes S, M, L, Xl (for $22), and XXL, XXXL (for $25). All orders should be given to Duane Deboer no later than December 1. Duane will order the shirts and deliver them at our December 15. You can contact Duane at Duane_Deboer@yahoo.com or 406-871-6783. Speaker: Steve Barta, club member. Steve gave a very nice slide show presentation of photo's he took while in Alaska this summer. Lots of beautiful wildlife photos. A big “thank you” to Steve for sharing. The club then shared a short video on the f5.3 method of critiquing photos. This is a simplified system for evaluating photos. The f5.3 process focuses on 3 elements for judging photos:
  1. Composition: How well does the photo use the visual elements to express intent and purpose? This would include the typical elements of composition – rule of thirds, leading lines, etc.
  2. Impact: your immediate response to the picture.
  3. Technical: this is where the technical aspects of the photo would be evaluated. Exposure, sharpness, white balance, depth of field, contrast, etc.
Each of these categories is awarded a score from 1 (low) to 5 (high). Add the 3 scores and you have the total score of the picture. The attendees then shared the photos they brought for the Photo Challenge: Fall Colors. After sharing photos, several photo's were chosen from the Spokan Photo Club web site, and Doug Dye and Robert Hanson went through the f5.3 process to discuss the photos. The attendees participated as well. It was decided that the December 15 meeting will be devoted to the f5.3 critiquing method. Photo's will be presented and discussed by the group in order to learn this method. There will also be a separate meeting on Saturday, December 10, to plan for the December 15 meeting. Any member of NWMNP are welcome to join with the board for this meeting and help plan. This planning meeting will be held at the Gateway West Mall, at the United Way Conference Room. The doors are on the north end of the very long building. They are glass double doors with “Entrance C” overhead. The conference room is on the right hand side, just before the United Way offices. The next meeting of the NWMNP will be held at The Summit at 7PM on December 15. The Photo Challenge is “When the Color is Gone (B&W)”.

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