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Looking for Candidates to fill NWMNP Vice President

On December 1, the Board of the NWMNP met and accepted the resignation of President, Jerry Hutchinson.  The Board and membership want to thank Jerry so much for his service as President.  He brought many new ideas to the club, and broadened our use of social media to advertise the club and communicate with our members. According to Article XIV of the bylaws of the Northwest Montana Nature Photographers,  "A vacancy of the president shall be filled by the advancement of the Vice-President."  Therefore, Doug Dye has accepted the position of President of NWMNP. 

This leaves the club with the open position of Vice President.  This e-mail is being sent to ask for submissions of individuals to become Vice President.  This job includes:

  • To assume the duties of the President in his or her absence
  • To act as a Club director on the Executive Board
  • To plan the programs for the club meetings
For the rest of this calendar year of 2016-2017, the meeting programs have been planned with speakers so most of the work has already been completed. If you are interested in being an active member of the Board and take on the position of Vice President, please submit your name to Nancy Chalmers, secretary/treasurer of NWMNP. nancychalmers@yahoo.com In order to keep the club vital and moving forward, the members need to take an interest and participate with the club.  We are hoping there are individuals in the club who will be interested in the Vice President position.

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