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Minutes from December 15, 2016 Meeting

The Northwest Montana Nature Photographers December 15, 2016 meeting was opened by the new club president, Doug Dye, at the Summit. The first order of business was to vote on the motion to approve the changes to the bylaws. These changes are for grammar and punctuation. According to the club bylaws, any changes need to be reviewed and approved by the board (which was done at the last board meeting), and then approved by a vote of 2/3's of the members. The club has 20 paying members, which means 14 members would need to vote for approval. There were not 14 members of the club in attendance, so the vote is tabled to the next meeting. Another bylaw states if the president is no longer able to fulfill his duties, the vice president will become president. Based upon that bylaw, Doug Dye is the new president for the rest of the 2016-17 year. The club is still looking for a person to fill the vacancy of vice president. The NANPA sponsored meetup's were discussed. One was held last early Sunday morning in Bigfork. The attendees were Robert Hanson, Duane Deboer, and Nancy Chalmers. The morning was beautiful with new snow, and at 7AM there is no traffic or cars on the main street of town. The decorations are beautiful and fun was had by all. The next NANPA meetup will be December 31 at the Whitefish Mountain Resort. There are fireworks on New Year's Eve, and that is the focus for this meetup session. Doug Dye is an “ambassador” at the resort, and has found a room that can be used by our group to store equipment and warm up. Doug and Robert will scout out appropriate places to get great photos of the fireworks, and further directions will be given on the meetup site. The NWMNP t-shirts have arrived. For those who have ordered and paid, the t-shirts were passed out. The club ordered 10 extra shirts for anyone who would like to buy one. There are 5 L shirts and 5 XL shirts. The price is $22/shirt, which is the cost to the club (the club is not making any money on these t-shirts). If you are interested in a t-shirt, contact Nancy Chalmers at nancychalmers@yahoo.com. They will be available at the next club meeting as well. For the rest of the meeting, the board had prepared a presentation on the f5.3 Method of analyzing photos. Mike Cronin introduced the topic. The 5.3 stands for a scale of 1-5 numeric points which are given to each of 3 topics: Impact, Composition, and Technical. Mike created a list of elements to consider under each of those 3 points which was handed out to the group.  (See the link below for the handout).  Each board member took the group through a photo where impact, composition, and technical points were discussed. At the end of the discussion, a numeric value between 1-5 is assigned to each of the 3 points, and is added up for a total. The total available points is 15. Elements of Analsis for f5.3 The attendees discussed the relationship between composition, technical, and impact. It was brought up that technical and composition are both needed to get the impact of a photo. If the photo is not technically correct (focus, exposure, etc.), it doesn't matter if the composition is great – it won't be a good photo. And if a photo is technically very correct, but does not have good composition, it also won't get the impact that the photographer was trying to show. All of this discussion is not only to analyze a photo, but to put those points in the photographer's mind as they set up their camera to take a photo. It's also a good way to decide if a photo is good enough to even keep. Several additional photo's were shown, and the attendees participated in analyzing the photo's for technical, composition, and impact. The group did express they thought it was a good exercise and time well spent. It was brought up that the board had done several Saturday sessions on the f5.3 method so it was understood and could put together the evening program. It is under consideration to hold a second “technical” meeting each month to study photo's using the f5.3 method to become more proficient and get a better grasp on the important elements to any photo. It hasn't been decided yet, and it will be discussed further at the next club meeting. To finish off the meeting, attendee photos were shown. We had many great photos to look at. The meeting was then adjourned, and the attendees enjoyed sodas and snacks. The next meeting of NWMNP will be held on January 19 at 7PM.  The club is moving the meetings to the GATEWAY COMMUNITY CENTER which is located at the Gateway West Mall on Hwy. 2 on the west side of town.  A map will be included in the next newsletter, as well as the e-mail reminder for the meeting.  The Monthly Photo Challenge for January will be "Winter Wonderland". The evening speaker will be Tony Bynum. Tony is a professional outdoor photographer and conservationist living in East Glacier, Mt. His photo projects are regularly seen in national advertisements, art galleries, and dozens of outdoor publications. As a conservationist, Tony regularly works with conservation organizations, collaborates on documentaries and speaks around the country on conservation topics. Tony is a westerner, originally from Walla Walla, Washington. He has spent his life crisscrossing the wild-lands of North America, documenting parts of Africa, New Zealand, South America, Canada, Alaska, France, Switzerland, Mexico and other parts in between. He’s an enrolled member of the federally recognized Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde. With almost 20 years of professional science experience working for federal, tribal, state, and private entities coupled with his professional photography career, Tony brings a unique, highly specialized set of tools to his projects.

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