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NWMNP Meeting Notes from January 19, 2017 — Speaker John Stalowy

January 19, 2017 Club meeting The January 19 meeting of the Northwest Montana Nature Photographers was called to order by President, Doug Dye. There were approximately 27 in attendance. This meeting was held in our new location at the Gateway Community Center in the Gateway Mall West, off Hwy. 2. The Board has selected a committee to review and re-write the club bylaws. Before the next meeting, paying members will receive a copy of the new by-laws, with changes identified. According to the bylaws, 2/3 of paying members need to vote to pass the new bylaws. Robert Hanson gave a short report on the last NANPA meetup. It was held on December 31 at the Whitefish Mountain Resort. Those in attendance photographed the “Torch Parade” and fireworks. Robert hopes to have the next meet-up sometime between the end of January and beginning of February. Doug Dye also announced that Robert Hanson has volunteered to fill the position of VP. Thank you Robert. Duane DeBoer has designed club t-shirts, and there are still t-shirts available. They cost $22 for most sizes, with XXL and XXXL priced at $25. They were at the club meeting, and if you would like one, please contact Duane at Duane_Deboer@yahoo.com or 406-871-6783. The club has been discussing a “Lightroom for the Nature Photographer” workshop with David Marx. Right now our dates are planned for March 11-12, with the days running from 9AM to 4PM. The tentative price of $140 for members, and $175 for non-members (a non-member could join the club for the $20 membership fee and save $15). This workshop will be taught at the intermediate level, so it assumes you have Lightroom installed, and that you can do most of the basic operations, such as importing and exporting photos, have worked with the basic development tools. The workshop will cover all aspects of Lightroom, and will have a particular emphasis on the Develop Module. Our speaker for the evening was John Stalowy from Photo Finish US (http://www.PhotoFinishUS.com ). The phone # is 406-837-1127, and they are located at 8560 Montana Hwy 35 in Bigfork. John spent time with the club explaining what his printing company could do, and brought some beautiful examples of their printing. John spoke to the members about getting their photo's ready for printing. The big component for printing is color management – creating uniform color from one source to another. Basically going from the eye, to the camera, into the monitor and then printer, which takes it back to the eye. Each one of these elements has a different gamut of color. Starting at the camera. On both Nikon and Canon cameras, there is a menu item called “color space”. There are usually three choices, sRGB, Adobe 1998, and possibly Prophoto. sRGB color should only be used for posting on the Internet – not for prints. If use sRGB, as a photographer, you loose oranges, teals, and greens. ProPhoto is almost more color than a camera printing lab can deal with. If your camera is set to sRGB, CHANGE IT!!! Everything in John's lab is calibrated for Adobe 1998, which is a much large range of color. If the camera has taken the picture with sRGB, cannot be changed to Adobe 1998. The settings in Photoshop – under export – check a box called “Color Space”, and Photoshop defaults to “Convert to sRGB”. You need to uncheck that box. If you are posting to the web all day long, then leave it on. But to print, turn it off. In Lightroom, you should set the “file format” as TIFF, “color space” to Adobe or Prophoto, and resolution to 300 (anything above 300 is a waste), John showed the club a Color Checker Passport. It shows how each color should read in Adobe 1998. Lightroom can read all the colors in the photo and color balance them. Can get the passport like a “kit”. John also brought up the need to calibrate your monitor. John calibrates their monitors and printers every week. All equipment needs to be calibrated in concert to make them work together. John said if you have any questions about the settings on your cameras, color, light, etc., feel free to stop in and ask. Photo Finish US is located in Bigfork, and according to several of our members, “they are damn good printers”. Photo Finish US in Bigfork is 1 of only 7 print labs “certified” west of the Mississippi. John also suggested checking out Tony Kuyper and luminosity masks. http://www.goodlight.us/writing/luminositymasks/luminositymasks-1.html The meeting was adjourned and sodas and cookies were shared by the attendees.

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