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December Club Meeting

Tonight we will be covering a couple new items with Lightroom Classic as well as talk about saving images for viewing at club meetings. Following the discussion we will sharing your images. This month's photo challenge is: Winter

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  1. Richard D Scherrer says:

    It’s really too bad that they couldn’t have notified us potential new members a few days in advance andnot the day of so that we could prepare something and not be shut out. Maybe that’s why it’s probably as always the same six people and nothing or nobody new.

    • Robert Hanson says:

      At the Jan monthly meeting the photo Challenge is: Night Light and in Feb it is: Patterns and Textures

      With the limited board members we have found it hard to keep up with all the updates. We are all new to the things we are doing and are trying our best. We still have two positions available if you would like to step up and provide a helping hand.

      Club President

      Robert Hanson

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