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Executive Board

President - Robert Hanson

    I was born and raised in a small town in Eastern Washington called Garfield. During high school I took photography classes and was on the annual staff. I had the opportunity to have my own darkroom at home.
    I wasn’t active in photography for several years until I got into underwater photography. As a scuba instructor I was able to travel and photograph the underwater world. This renewed the enjoyment I got from photography. I enjoy photographing landscapes as well as wildlife. My wife and I enjoy hiking; living in NW Montana has given us many rewarding adventures. I enjoy sharing our time spent in the outdoors with my images.
        • Stepping out of my comfort zone, I was entrusted to shoot a few weddings, which has broadened my photography skills and gray hair. With my renewed interest in photography, I started learning Photoshop as well as Lightroom. I’m a member of North America Nature Photographers Association (NANPA), and I’ve been published in several scuba diving magazines as well as Nikon Photo magazine.

    Treasurer - Karen Adams

        • I have had a love of photography since my first disposable camera as a child.
        • Around 2010, I decided to get more serious about improving my photography skills and here I am.
        • I really enjoy being around and learning from fellow photographers.
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     Mike Cronin - Newsletter Editor and Board Member

        • Couldn't draw, paint, or sculpt so that left photography as an artistic outlet (can't dance either), and I'm happy it worked out that way. I started with a 100% manual Kodak Retinette that you had to estimate the focal distance. It's a great way to learn. As film became harder to buy and process, my interest waned, but the digital revolution rekindled it so much so that we moved here from Helena upon my retirement to be closer to Glacier Park.
        • I've had many jobs including editing trade magazines where I was writer, photographer, layout, and paste-up, but I retired from teaching writing and literature at Helena College U of M. Teaching was my true calling, and it was hard to relinquish that identity, but now I can say I am retired to a new calling.
        • Additionally, I write and play music, research my genealogy, and watch as much football and basketball as I want. The Club has been a significant part of my new life, thanks to great members, and I am happy to serve it as well as I can.

    Erin Braaten - Board Member

        • I was born and raised in the Flathead Valley and grew up exploring the outdoors: hiking and fishing with my family.  I met my husband in high school, married and moved to Bozeman where we attended Montana State University.  When we weren’t attending classes, we fished the Gallatin, Yellowstone and Madison Rivers.
        • My interest in photography grew with the family.  Weekends spent camping in Yellowstone and Grand Tetons National Parks with our children resulted in a lifelong love of the Greater Yellowstone area with its spectacular landscapes and wildlife.
        • After we moved back to the Flathead Valley we continued to spend as much time as possible exploring the Rocky Mountain region with our eight children.  The Canadian Rockies, Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, and Grand Tetons are favorite destinations for us.
        • In addition to photography, I am a loving wife and mother who home-schools our six school-aged children and shepherds a flock of Icelandic sheep.  We continue to lead an active life, hiking, camping and kayaking in Glacier, plus traveling with my husband for business, and 4-H keeps us very busy.  I continue to refine my photography skills; my enthusiasm for it has rubbed off on my husband, and we shoot together as often as possible.

    Dick Walker - Board Member

      I grew up in a farm family in the midwest. I first saw the mountains when I arrived in Utah in the military and have lived in sight of mountains ever since. Following college in Oregon, my wife and two little boys moved to Montana to take up the job of ‘prospective’ ranch manager, aka cowhand. I loved the work, pay not so much. I also worked in a feed mill, framed houses, and made three trips to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska building ice roads. We eventually settled in the Flathead with a highway construction company, with whom I retired 31 years later.
      I was drawn into photography by realizing that in all the adventures of my life – working, hiking, paddling, hunting, wildlife watching – I mostly had only a few hazy snapshots to go with all my memories of sunsets and mountain trails, fox puppies and northern lights.   I became addicted to photography. My annual calendar of adventure is now scheduled around seasonal photogenic events, Freezeout March 27, the last week of April when Harlequin males are back on the creek, wildflowers in Preston Park, summer in the Palouse, elk rut, fall colors, winter in Yellowstone.
      My idle time is often spent trying to improve my own skills by looking at the images of others, looking at art, trying to become ‘one with my camera.’
      I admire all types of photography and the skills involved in making nice images. Somehow I have gravitated towards bird photography, and am emerging from birds on a stick photos to birds with a story. Who knew?
      I have been involved in numerous bird banding projects, especially the harlequin duck study in Glacier Park. My wife and I garden, keep bees and travel in warm places in winter.

    Board Member/Past President - Doug Dye